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Drywise is an on-demand inline filament dryer that lets you focus on production. Save money, time, and effort by drying your filament as you print. Certified materials with preprogrammed profiles ensure consistent and reliable dry material every time.

Focus on what matters

Drywise delivers perfectly conditioned 3D printing filament – even very hygroscopic materials like nylons – almost instantly with virtually no down time and pre-planning needed. This means you get more time to focus on what really matters to you, designing and innovating.
More materials. More possibilities
Drywise makes it easy to print with demanding technical plastics as it eliminates the guesswork from the drying process. With an ever-growing list of certified materials, just select the right material from the list and get printing, leaving the smart drying technology to take care of all the parameters.

Consistent and reliable

However long your 3D printing process is, Drywise will make sure the material is consistently dry throughout the whole print. It does this by processing the right amount of material at just the right time. This also eliminates material degradation, that usually occurs, due to thermal cycling.

Drywise is available in two versions, Drywise 175 and Drywise 285 which work with 1.75mm diameter filaments and 2.85mm diameter filament respectively 

Key Features

  • Fast - an in-line design dries only the section of filament that is 3D printed, reducing the amount of work needed. 
  • Intelligent - smart sensors help to dry filament to the best 3D printing condition, avoiding any damage to the filament. 
  • User friendly - a user friendly UI guides the user all the way. Exchangeable and rechargeable desiccant cartridge will eliminate down time. 
  • Safe - Smart sensors detect idle moments and switch off heaters to ensure safety. 
  • Upgradable - the list of certified filaments with calibrated drying settings is constantly growing. 
  • Versatile - Drywise only dries the filament passing through it during printing. The filament spool is not housed in the device. This gives you the possibility to use any spool size and shape. 


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