Am Efficiency CCP-10 sand blaster for SLS parts

Product no.: am-efficiency-ccp10

CCP-10 from AM Efficiency. Developed for postprosessing of parts produced with desktop SLS. Desktop or Smaller SLS machines Like Wematter, Sintereit, Sintratech and the Fuse1 from Formlabs also need postprocessing. Our CCP-10 gives the possibility to handle Cleaning, Coloring and Polishing.

  • Office friendly
  • Fast ROI
  • Sustainable
  • Cost efficient
  • Automatic filter cleaning
  • Touch display

Simply more Efficient

Our equipment is the most efficient way to postprocess and de-powder parts produced with Additive Manufacturing from powderbed polymer technologies like SLS, MJF, SAF and HSS.

Efficiency is Key! There are many areas where we are able to achieve best efficiency. Like economically, speed and versatility. Our process delivers clean, dust free parts without any static electricity.

3 in 1 machine

No need to waste space and investments in separate units almost doing the same process. Some parts just needs to be cleaned. Then use our cleaning media together with the preset cleaning program.
Or if you prefer to get a nice dark grey even color on your parts. Then switch to the “Cleaning and coloring” blasting media.
For the most delicate parts like consumer product. Where surface quality is of highest importance. Maybe after dying or other post processing steps. Then switch to our Polishing media and start the polishing program to achieve parts with a perfect glossy and shining surface.

Machine info and data

  • Cabinet volume: 440 liters
  • Drum Volume: Diameter 55 cm, depth 30 cm
  • Size Wx D x H: 1000 x 1100 x 1500
  • Weight: 170 kg
  • Powerconnection: 230v16A
  • Air pressure: Minimum 5 bar, maximum 9 bar
  • Air Consumption: Less than 300 liters per minute at 6 bar Soundlevel: 72dB

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