Formlabs Form 3B+

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Formlabs Form 3B+

Form 3B+ is an updated version of Form 3B printer. It has improived on print speed, surface quality and print reliability.


The Form 3B+ is an advanced desktop 3D printer developed for healthcare. Our precise, reliable ecosystem takes the guesswork out of dental fabrication so faster workflows are just a few clicks away. Main difference from a standard Form 3+ printer is that the 3B+ is certified to use biocompatible materials and allows printing with all Formlabs resins. LFS printing engine is the same in both printers. 


The next generation of dental 3D printing

XY Resolution: 25 microns

Advanced Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)™ technology uses a flexible resin tank and a custom-designed, user-replaceable Light Processing Unit (LPU) to produce consistent, accurate prints. Reduced peel forces lead to incredible surface finish and part clarity, right off the printer.

Build volume: 14.5 x 14.5 x 18.5 cm (5.7 x 5.7 x 7.3 inches)

Print 2-3 times more parts in a single build compared to small build plate DLP printers to spend less time handling your printer and more time on high-value tasks. Production environments can see 55% less labor time and costs compared to DLP. A modular ecosystem allows for unmatched consistency, scalability, and redundancy.

Switch seamlessly between a library of dental resins with a no-hassle cartridge system.

Complete technical specifications can be found here.

A Team of Experts at your disposal

Behind Formlabs Dental is a dedicated team of certified Dental Support Specialists who know exactly how to help when you need it. All Formlabs Form 3B+ and Form 3BL printers are bundled with the Dental Service Plan, which includes personalized onboarding training, proactive check-ins, and the best phone and email support in the industry.

Trusted by dental industry leaders

The Form 3B+ Packages includes all of the tools required to bring high-precision 3D printing into your dental lab or office. Contents of Basic Package are:

  • Form 3B+ printer
  • Finishing Kit
  • Build Platform
  • Resin Tank
  • 1 Model resin cartridge
  • Dental Service Plan, 1 year

PreForm slicing software, features:

  • One Click Print
  • Adaptive layer thickness settings
  • Print via network
  • Automatic orientation of print
  • Automatic support structures
  • Scan to Model tool with Form 3B

PreForm downloads and guides:

If you have any questions or require a specific quotation, please contact our sales:



Call +358 10 235 5140 or send e-mail




Product Note Status Price
Form Cure Form Cure
699.00 €
Form Wash Form Wash
499.00 €
Formlabs Form 3 Resin Tank V2.1 Formlabs Form 3 Resin Tank V2.1
135.00 €
Form 2 & 3 Build Platform Form 2 & 3 Build Platform
90.00 €
Form 2 Standard resins Form 2 Standard resins
135.00 €
Isopropyl alcohol, 20l. Isopropyl alcohol, 20l.
200.00 €
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