Mass Portal D300

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Build area: Ø300 mm x 300 mm
Dual material feed

High temperature Open materials

Our printers work with 1.75 mm polymer based filaments, with printing temperatures up to 475° C.

Dual Nozzle Liquid-Cooled hotend

Print with separate model and support materials, print with two different materials or switch over to another feed of the same material when the first feed runs out filament.

Nozzle Touch autocalibration

New and improved automatic calibration system compensates for different nozzle sizes, thermal expansion and mistakes in nozzle installation.

Heated chamber & Air filtration

Thermally insulated heating chamber increases process stability when printing performance polymers and is equipped with air filters to limit the escaping fumes and microparticles.

High-Resolution Printing

Layer thickness can be arbitrarily set from 0.07 mm for ultimate resolution and surface quality.


Glass printbed ensures perfectly flat surface and maximum print area. Different bed coating options are supported — use bed coating that is most suitable for your application and material.

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