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Add:north Koltron G1

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Electrically and thermally conductive

Resistant to a range of chemicals
Highest flame-retardant rating
The Koltron G1 is very electrically and thermally conductive, resistant to a range of chemicals, UV light and high continuous working temperatures, with the highest flame-retardant rating. The versatility is unmatched in polymer additive manufacturing. 

The application areas for the Koltron G1 are vast, ranging from EMI and RFI (electromagnetic and radio frequency interference) shielding to capacitive sensors, wearable and printed electronics as well as the cooling of electronics. The incorporation of Graphmatech’s unique AROS Graphene also gives the printed parts excellent self-lubricating properties. 

A great deal of the development focused on making the material processable in any FDM 3D printer. This has now been achieved, making the newly launched Koltron G1 versatile not only through its broad potential applications, but also in its widespread accessibility.

Apart from its great electrical conductivity (~2.0 Ohm-cm volume resistivity), which can be seen in the Technical Data Sheet, it has also performed well in tests on thermal conductivity (0.5W/Km) and in shielding effectiveness/attenuation (22dB). 



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