Service plans

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Here we briefly summarize the service plans concerning our 3D printer brands.

We also offer custom service plans along with printer purchases.

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3D printing is a viable option for several traditional manufacturing methods. It is a fast and economical alternative which enables completely new solutions. We have now launched revised service plans for maximum availability and trouble-free operation of our printers, anf combined them together with the printers to form new Complete Packages.



Ultimaker Complete Packages

The following service plans are available for Ultimaker customers. The plans include following additional products with the printer:

  • an extra glass plate for the build platform

  • 3D-printing toolkit

  • AA 0.8 and BB 0.8 print cores

  • installation and onboarding training

  • additional training packages (remote training, 3 instances)

  • maintenance service

The plans can be acquired either as a leasing scheme or lump sum payment. In the latter case the price of service plan depends on its duration (1-3 years). The following example prices are for the leasing scheme. For single payment option, please request a quotation.


Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle Package:

Starting 399 €/month with a 36 month leasing period. The pack also includes a custom roller cabinet under the printer. Link to product page here.


Ultimaker S3 Package:

Starting at 199 €/month (36 month period) The pack includes a cover for the printer. Link to product page here.


Ultimaker 2+ Connect Package:

Starting at 99 €/month (36 month period). The package includes an Air Manager. Links to 2+Connect and 2+ Connect Air Manager product pages.

If you have any questions or require a modified Complete Package, please contact our sales. Telephone: +358 10 235 5140



Formlabs Complete Packages

As you might already know, Formlabs is already offering their own Service Plans (PSP & DSP/MSP) for their printers, so we are limiting our own Packages to a 24 month leasing scheme. Of course you can always opt for a one-off payment plan similarly to Ultimaker printers, and the pricing is similarly dependent on the service plan duration in this case. 


Form 3 Complete Package

Starting 343 € /month with a 24 month leasing period. The Package includes:

  • Form 3 LFS printer with 1 resin tank & manual finishing kit

  • Form Wash

  • Form Cure

  • two build platforms

  • one Standard Grey material cartridge

  • service plan for the leasing period

  • installation and onboarding training

  • 20 liters of IPA solvent for washing, optionally 2 x 5 liters of TPM solvent

Link to product page here.


Form 3B Complete Package

Starting 407 € / month (24 month period). The contents are otherwise identical to the Form 3 CP, but our own service plan is replaced by Formlabs´s Dental Service Plan, or optionally Medical Service Plan.

Link to Form 3B product page here.


Form 3L Complete Package

Starting 819 € / month (24 mo. period). The Package contents are:

  • Form 3L LFS printer with 1 resin tank and manual finishing kit

  • two build platforms

  • two Standard Grey material cartridges

  • Formlabs Pro Service Plan

  • installation & onboarding training

  • 20 liters of IPA solvent for washing, optionally 2 x 5 liters of TPM solvent

NOTE! Larger-sized Formlabs Cure L and Wash L will be available starting from Q4/2021. For a mean time solution, third-party finishing devices as Meccatronicore BB Cleaner XL and BB Cure XL are available. See link for further information. 

Link to Form 3L product page here.


And as always, feel free to ask anything from our sales.