Eureka dry box

Product no.: eureka-drybox

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Available delivery methods: Pick up from the warehouse, Courier service (ONLY Helsinki capital region), Delivery to workplace (Express-paketti), Postipaketti (pakettiatm/ posti), Express-pallet inside Finland, Parcel Connect, Formlabs 3L delivery

The Dry Cabinet provides low humidity environment and is suitable for storing various types of filament material. 4 filament feed ports supporting up to 3 mm filaments allows direct printing of dry filament from the cabinet while in humidity controlled storage. Adjustable hanging rod will allow hanging of dry filament spools up to 330 mm in diameter. Air tight cabinet will prevent moisture and dust from contaminating your printed project. Low energy consumption. Convenient design with no consumable parts nor desiccants to replace, no water tanks to empty. Powerful molecular sieve desiccants keeps filament dry without heat to maintain tensile strength.

  • <20 % RH Low Humidity Storage
  • 4 filament feed ports for direct printing
  • Dries without heat: Maintains tensile strength
  • Standalone Hygrometer for Active Monitoring
  • Fast 2 Hour Recovery
  • Fully adjustable spool hanger

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