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PolyCast™ is designed specifically for investment casting (also known as lost-wax casting) of metal. You can use it with 3D printing to replace the wax patterns used in industrial investment casting processes.


In traditional investment casting, you need to first make a metal tool to produce wax patterns. The tooling typically takes several weeks at least, with cost starting at thousands of dollars.   By using 3D printing and PolyCast™, you can eliminate the need for tooling, which saves you time and money greatly.


Another benefit of PolyCast™ is that you can use 3D printing to create complex geometries that are simply not possible by tooling.

In summary PolyCast is great for:

  • Rapid-production of small-volume metal parts

  • Metal parts with complex geometries

PolyCast™ can be polished in the Polysher™ (via Polymaker’s patented Micro-Droplet Polishing™ technology), eliminating the layers from filament-based printing processes and resulting in a very smooth part surface.  This is critical to ensure the quality of metal parts.


Most polymers leave residues when they decompose – this is a problem for investment casting and can lead to defects on the metal parts.  We have engineered the material to ensure that it decomposes completely at T > 600 C, leaving a clean mold ready for casting.


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